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Welcome to the Food Hacking Base at 32c3!

NOTE! THIS YEAR WE CAN NOT HANDLE AND HAND OUT FOOD&DRINKS AT THE CONGRESS BUILDING (CCH)! We are going to do a lots of cool stuff anyway, our traditional (and new) food&drink events will be held at Centro Sociale which is 23 min of walk. We hope to see you at both of our spots again, we will do our best to enjoy in a creative way!

Support Us! Our crowd sourcing campaign is on, please make our presence at 32c3 happen by supporting us, thank you!


We are not sure about our assembly location, once we get the spot we will post it here. Our food&drink events will be run at Centro Sociale which is around 23 min of walk from congress building. We will try to have transport option for people with disabilities.

You can call us during the event on our dect phone.

FHB0 (3420)


Coming together again interlinking people who are into food, beverage and bio hacking and most of all having a good time! As usually we will focus on learning, teaching and experimenting. This year we are not allowed to establish our experimental kitchen and workshop venue as we did at previous congresses so we are now looking for alternative activities in the congress building (CCH) and at Centro Sociale we will run our practical activities like workshops, tastings etc. We hope that Biolab will be allowed directly at the spot we are not sure yet. You can join our workshops, give some if you like, or just come, have a chat, check out what we are up to and relax before your next presentation … Crowdsourcing Campaign

As before we are running a campaign to gather funds from hacker community to make this and other projects in 2016 happen.

Support Us! Our crowd sourcing campaign is on, please make our presence at 32c3 happen by supporting us, thank you!


“Be excellent to each other” is our long term moto, Be sensitive about the follow foodhackers around you, keeping them safe from your experimental frenzy and give them your ear if they need it. Keep in mind that it is the community which matters and you are it's part. Be happy we are always trying to create harmonic environment where ever we go :-). FHB Sections

Here we will share out ideas how we should design our place at 32c3, so far no suggestions yet, should be changed within next few weeks before 20/11 for sure.


As usually we look for an independent funding so if you want to see our projects happen please do chip in (for more information how to support go to Food Hacking Base/Support Us)! Here Under the budget section is an overview of how much is needed by financial means and for what. The goal is to rise around €2500 before and during the whole event to keep in plus numbers having also bit of resources for activities in 2016.


Serving as a hub sharing knowledge and experience both practically and theoretically is what we are after. We will need to coordinate well this year because practical food&drink related workshops will need take place out of CCH building (in Centro Sociale, the rest at the fhb assembly at the CCH. You can come and join us learning how to make beer, realizing that brewing your kombucha is easy or make some cosmetics ... Cheese rendezvous will be there to broaden your horizons and many others. Experimental incubator, recipe sharing and other will be at CCH. All donation based no one turned away for luck of funds, just check it out!


These activities are centered around certain topic like for example brewing, or building an experimental incubator and are going to include workshops, talks and gatherings and will go on during the congress. As in the years before experimental incubator building and prototyping will be on, so will be fermentations etc.

Gear, Tools and Ingredients

This year we are not allowed to build Experimental Kitchen and other facilities. We are now deciding if to bring our kitchen and make it happen at Centro Sociele or if we bring bits and pieces from variety of sources and build up our kitchen for 32c3 at Centro from that. That is the reason why our "wish list" is quite short and is likely to stay like that for this event - don't worry you will have your chance to do some reading at future events. (no chobies) List of all FHB events

List of FHB events

Day Time Event name Event type Max number of participants Location Funding Coordinator
Day 2 16:00-18:00 Advanced probiotic brewing hands on workshop 20 sign in Centro Sociale donation at your will Algodor
Which day What time Name of the event Type of the event Number of participants Location of the event How is it funded Contact on organizer