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Welcome to the page dedicated to Cider Flows/Tasting which will happen in Einkauf SuperCoop in Berlin. We will fallow the "general" template for this event as mentioned here, this happening is part of my, Algoldor, 2021 Cider Tour. The main goal is to learn more about cider both by sharing experience and knowledge which I've accumulate so far, that would be the theoretical part. As I'm great believer in practical aspect of things combined it with guided tasting because sometimes one sip can explain more than a thousand words. I've selected ciders from different parts of Europe, focusing especially on French ciders from Normandie, however there will be also samples from England, Czech Republic, well we are in Germany so it can not be missed, Spain and lets see what more. Importantly I'll have also one or two cider related products ... I'll also try to point out to you differences in tastes compared the manner of fabrication for example, selection of apple varieties etc. Please be aware that there will be over ten samples of ciders so if possible you should not be driving afterwards. Of course if you decide you can spit the tasted cider as is actually a standard on professional tasting events. The event is donation based no one turned away for lack of funds. At the end I'll offer cider which I make (legally) for a sale so in combination with donations I hope there will be some financial surplus. Very important for me is to try to find variety of selling points in the neighborhood area so I can start distribute my cider more and more to professionals which is the key element needed for my project to succeed long term.