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To secure spot on this session please sign in here.

Cidr jablka, Ferme du Vastel

To secure spot on this tasting event please sign in here (not available yet, only way now is to contribute through our crowdsourcing campaign, within few days sign in system will be on for everyone, just wait a bit please or ...).

Cider is an ancient alcoholic beverage prepared from apple juice fermented by variety of yeast and bacteria. During this session lead by Algoldor we will talk about it's history, today's situation, it's future and most of all we will taste variety of high and also lower quality product to get the spectrum right. This session will walk you through the basics. You will learn what you should be focusing on when tasting the beverage, what to expect based on what do you read on the label on the bottle - sweetness, bitterness/tardiness, acidity, pasteurization etc. depending on the region et cetera.

Please note that you are going to drink at least half litre or rather over a litre of 4-5% beverages in an average so you will feel it. We will have of course something to eat during the session so that should help. We will document most of the ciders on the table so you will be able to track them down, especially if you take notes during the session which we would highly recommend.