Cidre flows

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This event is dedicated to cider, cidre, sidra or how ever you would like to call a beverage prepared by fermentation of apple juice. The fallowing description is for Cidre Flows run by Algoldor. The goal is to provide a selection of ciders focusing on a high quality ones but having also few "lower quality" samples for comparison, however they may be avoided depending on the event. The core of the tasting is done by French ciders, especially the Normandie region and partly Bretagne. Concerning geography we try to have at least sample or two from Spain, England, Germany and other countries, depending what interesting samples I find. From the point of view of production we have the most complicated "natural ciders" made from cider apples, they are generally bio/organic, nothing added, not filtered, most of them secondary fermented in bottle (prise de mousse naturelle). That would be the high end. There are ways of preparing from filtered ciders to pasteurized, made from eating apples, it sample by sample. I do like to include one or two poirés (perry) into the selection. Also it is custom for me now to have some cider related products like pommeau, calvados or vinegar.