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Here you can find short overview about the cider as a product, season 2019. The cider is made from untreated apples, harvested by hand in smaller orchards in the Vale de Saire region. This season was particularly rainy during the harvest season. The apples are crashed and pressed on "presse à paquets" using local service provider. The juice/moût is than fermented with native yeast present both on the apples and in the cave. There is no temperature control. The specific density, sugar content of the juice was around standard for the region this year, around 1050 (2018 was very high even around 1075). The weather was quite warm, temperature above the optimal 8°C for cider fermentation with minimum of cold periods which would allow for soutirage/racking. For some of the batches I did minimal filtration through cardboard paper filters. I do not use any chemicals during or after the fermentation process. Now it is the time for bottling. I will count the yeast cells and based on that bottle the cider. After that it will take between two to four months for the cider to get fizzy, prise de mousse naturelle, preferably under the 10°C and also it will age a bit. The cider 2019 will be ready for sale and distribution by end of August or during September 2020. When you get your cider please keep in mind, it is very important, that it is life product. There are still active yeast and bacteria in the product therefore you should keep it stored at temperature under 10°C, definitely under 15°C. It is very important to keep this in mind with natural ciders prepared like this of the last season. After a year in bottle or year and half the product is much more stable and than storing at higher temperatures, like 20°C is not so dangerous.