Chaos Communication Camp 2015

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Chaos Communication Camp 2015



Field Day 1



Layout of FHB village at CCC camp 2015

Here is layout proposal for fhb at CCC camp 2015. It is based on what we did at OHM 2013. So far was added just extra space for workshop area number two and space for tents. Note, the social area where we can gather, relax eat etc. is probably way to small for whole group and people involved, double size (extra two tables) should be considered. Also the hexayurt cold room may and may not be build, however space was reserved. Picture with dimensions of inner structures will be uploaded soon!

Basic needs

  • 25x25 meters of field space if possible, 20x20 m would should be doable
  • running water
  • drainage
  • electricity, at least 10 kW, over 20 kW would be better
  • cooking tent 5x5 m or bigger - hard floors would be best
  • workshop areas - hard floors would be preferred, should have roof to be protected against rain

crazy ideas



who will participate? Sign up here! cccamp2015-users


we will need some kind of communication structure - and this is chaotic.

Team Meta


Main Engine - OPEN

  • needs to be at least two preferably more people
  • Algoldor is fine to be one of the coordinators/main engines but not the only one

Secretary - OPEN

can answer phone calls, jabber, irc has the contact of all other ppl. if you don't know who to call call this person. Jabber: will be added Email: will be added DECT: will be added

Fundraiser - OPEN

  • comes up with a plan how to raise funds.

Treasurer - OPEN

  • the money person
  • can money transfer quickly
  • runs the bank account
  • collects the bills
  • does the budget

Press person - OPEN

  • will talk to press if needed
  • I Algoldor would recommend to make kind of list of people who can talk to press for fhb, people who are around for a while (at least one event actively involved in organizing) should be the ones: BigMac, mwfc, Lotte, Ingo, Algoldor, Evina etc.

wiki master - OPEN

  • Scheduling / Wiki - OPEN
  • overviews and syncs the planning + documentation tools, ressources and deadlines
  • "wiki master"
  • wiki, pads

wiki team - OPEN

  • people who will take care about the wikies under the coordination of the wiki master and independently when needed fallowing the fhb style
  • team: Algoldor

Team Food - OPEN


  • Cooking equipment
  • Food purchasing
  • Food planning

Team Bar - OPEN


Team Transport - OPEN


  • Truck rental
  • Driving
  • Loading/Unloading planning
  • transport schedule

tour 1


Team Infrastructure - OPEN


Layout of FHB in coordination with others.

participate in field day, measures area and gets data for cad later

possible subtasks:



buildings (tents, dome)

Large group tents

needs to be rented and transported.

needs to be erected har har




Tables - ? (rent?)

Chairs - ? (rent?)

Lamps - ?

Team Content - OPEN


  • the talk to person when you have content for FHB
  • responseable for schedules of workshop areas
  • workshop / talk area

Team Lights and Music - OPEN


  • FHB signs
  • sound
  • lights
  • decoration
  • tv with food hacking videos



We'd like to invite to do a subvillage: