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21 Field Day 1




  • people should take up main roles for the CCC camp during May so we can set the orga and start to prepare effectively
  • we should preferably sort out our tent options till the end of May if possible, or at least secure some "minimal backup" solution if we decide to wait for some better deals
  • date and length of crowdsourcing campaign should be set, so should be the prelaminary budget


  • by the end of the month would be good to run the crowdsourcing campaign so all the details should be already set by the beginning of the month working on the prepromotion. The campaign should not be not started later than beginning of July.
  • the workshop section should start to take shape
  • preferably all major projects should be discussed and decided on before the mid of June


  • by mid of July we should have all planning as ready as possible and adjust later on just to what is necessary

15 - food planning ready

  • list of ingredients and necessary equipment to get for food and drink preparation needs to be done so it corresponds to the budget


1 - start buildup on site. first outpost.

5 - All large tents completed

Dome Kitchen Lounge (?)

7 - main arrival day 1

main infrastructure must be up.

12 - main arrival day 2

all infrastructure and projects must be up

13 - Camp First Day

17 - Camp Last Day

18 - shutdown

empty main infrastructure take down some tents return rented equipment prepare loading trucks

19 - shutdown

take down all tents but takedown tent take down dome load trucks

20 - take off

take down shutdown tent load trucks