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Team Meta


Main Coordinators - OPEN

  • needs to be at least two preferably more people
  • Algoldor is fine to be one of the coordinators/main engines but not the only one

Secretary - OPEN

  • can answer phone calls, jabber, irc.
  • has the contact of all other people.
  • if you don't know who to call, call this person.

Jabber: will be added Email: will be added DECT: will be added

Fundraiser - OPEN

  • comes up with a plan how to raise funds.

Treasurer - OPEN

  • the money person
  • can money transfer quickly
  • runs the bank account
  • collects the bills
  • is involved and OK's the budget

Press persons - OPEN

  • will talk to press if needed
  • I Algoldor would recommend to make kind of list of people who we are happy to talk to press for fhb. People who are around for a while (at least one event actively involved in organizing for example) should be the ones: BigMac, mwfc, Lotte, Ingo, Algoldor, Evina etc.

Wiki master - OPEN

  • scheduling / Wiki - OPEN
  • overviews and syncs the planning + documentation tools, ressources and deadlines
  • "wiki master"
  • wiki, pads

wiki team - OPEN

  • people who will take care about the wikies under the coordination of the wiki master and/or independently when needed fallowing the fhb style
  • team: Algoldor,

Team Food - OPEN

  • people who take care about prepreparations of the food&drink related stuff for the event and during the event
  • cooking equipment
  • food purchasing
  • food/menu planning

Team Bar - OPEN


Team Transport - OPEN


  • Truck rental
  • Driving
  • Loading/Unloading planning
  • transport schedule

tour 1


Team Infrastructure - OPEN


Layout of FHB in coordination with others.

participate in field day, measures area and gets data for cad later

possible subtasks:



buildings (tents, dome)

Large group tents

needs to be rented and transported.

needs to be erected har har




Tables - ? (rent?)

Chairs - ? (rent?)

Lamps - ?

Team Content - OPEN


  • the talk to person when you have content for FHB
  • responsible for schedules of workshop areas
  • workshop / talk area

Team Lights and Music - OPEN


  • FHB signs
  • sound
  • lights
  • decoration
  • tv with food hacking videos