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(Team Transport - OPEN)
(Team Transport - OPEN)
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* transport schedule
* transport schedule
* Team: [[User:Algoldor|Algoldor]] (note - minimal to zero availability during the camp from 13-17th of August)
=== Transport Schedule ===
=== Transport Schedule ===

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Team Meta


Main Coordinators - OPEN

  • needs to be at least two preferably more people
  • Algoldor is fine to be one of the coordinators/main engines but not the only one
  • 4-6 hours shifts should be max, starting around 7:00 running till 23:00 or so

Secretary - OPEN

  • can answer phone calls, jabber, irc.
  • has the contact of all other people.
  • if you don't know who to call, call this person.

Jabber: will be added Email: will be added DECT: will be added

Fundraiser - OPEN

  • comes up with a plan how to raise funds.

fundraiser team - OPEN

Treasurer - OPEN

  • the money person
  • can money transfer quickly
  • runs the bank account
  • collects the bills
  • is involved and OK's the budget

Press persons - OPEN

  • will talk to press if needed
  • I Algoldor would recommend to make kind of list of people who we are happy to talk to press for fhb. People who are around for a while (at least one event actively involved in organizing for example) should be the ones: BigMac, mwfc, Lotte, Ingo, Algoldor, Evina etc.

Wiki master - OPEN

  • scheduling / Wiki - OPEN
  • overviews and syncs the planning + documentation tools, ressources and deadlines
  • "wiki master"
  • wiki, pads

wiki team - OPEN

  • people who will take care about the wikies under the coordination of the wiki master and/or independently when needed fallowing the fhb style
  • team: Algoldor,

Team Food - OPEN

  • people who take care about prepreparations of the food&drink related stuff for the event and during the event
  • list of cooking equipment
  • food purchasing
  • food/menu planning

Team Bar - OPEN


Team Transport - OPEN


  • Truck rental (or borrowing one)
  • Driving (B licence should do)
  • Loading/Unloading planning
  • transport schedule
  • Team: Algoldor (note - minimal to zero availability during the camp from 13-17th of August)

Transport Schedule

tour 1 - 5/8/2015

First logistic touch down with the CCC camp ground may happen for fhb around 5th of August, before just CCC infrastructure is being done (based on official sources). If possible majority of our gear should be transported to the ground, hopefully also our first event tent, plus basic cooking ingredients.

What/who is needed:

  • car
  • driver (B licence)


Team Infrastructure - OPEN

This team is responsible for planning of the fhb village, what we need to have there, how it should be obtained or build and make it happened = facts on the grounds.


  • Layout of FHB in coordination with others.
  • participate in field day, measures area and gets data for cad later


  • power - designing our power grid, getting the parts and building it up, subsequently wrapping it up
  • water - designing for water distribution and sinks set up
  • network - same, designing the infrastructure for decent Internet connection
  • buildings or organizing renting of large tents or domes
  • coordinating the transportation with the transportation team
  • taking care about erection of the tends and wrap up
  • build up
  • tables - coming up with the numbers and types of tables which we need to rent
  • chairs - coming up with the numbers and types of tables which we need to rent
  • lamps - what type and how many of lights we need - LED strips etc.

Team Content - OPEN


  • the talk to person when you have content for FHB
  • responsible for schedules of workshop areas
  • workshop / talk area

Team Lights and Music - OPEN


  • FHB signs
  • sound
  • lights
  • decoration
  • tv with food hacking videos