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Team Food

Basic outline

Shift system

  • suggested three to four shifts per day, preferably 4 hours each
  • each shift has it's coordinator taking care about running the shift, preparing the food, drinks and handing the kitchen to the next shift

Possible shifts

Day of the camp Shift time Shift coordinator Responsibility Team members Note
Day 1 Morning Shift 7:00-11:00 Algoldor Prepare fhb for the day, make breakfast, preprep for lunch add your nick here early not too too busy shift
Day 1 Lunch Shift 11:00-15:00 Prepare the lunch and make some snacks afterwards if time allows Quite busy shift
Day 1 Dinner shift 15:00-19:00 Prepare dinner Probably most busy shift of the day
Day 1 Night shift 19:00-23:00 Prepare variety of foods and drinks, close down fhb Most relaxed shift

Teamlead: SuperQ

what we already have - and where it is


Feeding the masses

  • probiotic drinks
  • sugar free mate ice tea


  • moar knifes and cutboards
  • bake bread - properly
  • freezer / big fridge
  • dishwasher / washing machine / dryer